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Designed to support parents and caregivers of children between the ages of 0-3. EduCare provides helpful advice specifically timed to your child’s age, with resources focused on wellness, early childhood growth, education and specific developmental milestones.

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Featured Content:

Language Nutrition

Learn how to encourage essential building blocks to help develop children’s reading and expressive language skills and support their continued growth into early childhood.

Lifestyle and Wellness Tips

Interactive “play” for you and your child to keep you both healthy – physically and emotionally.

Caring for Baby

Nurturing tips about feeding, bathing, sleeping and safety.

Growth and Development

Identify physical, cognitive, social and emotional health milestones and how to best foster their progress.

EduCare Mobile Library

Throughout EduCare, you’ll receive messages that contain links connecting you to a mobile library where you can access more detailed information including videos, tip sheets and articles. Access the library at any time by going to

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